The Choughs Wheelchair Dance Team
from Cornwall

Why are we called The Choughs ?

Because the chough is included in the county's coat of arms alongside the miner and the fisherman, reflecting the bird's importance in Cornish culture. It also appears regularly in Cornish legend and it is said that King Arthur was transformed into a chough when he died, the red feet and beak representing his violent, bloody end.

The Chough is pronounced "chuff"

We have a image of a chough both on the chair backs of our matching wheelchairs and on our polo shirts.The Chough is a member of the crow family. It is glossy black in colour, with a long curved bill and red legs, unique in the crow family. Males and females are similar in appearances, but in juveniles the bill is yellow and the plumage and legs are duller in colour than in the adults.

It was once so common in Cornwall that an alternative name for the species was "Cornish Chough" and it features on the Cornish Coat of Arms. The species suffered a long decline, but in recent decades numbers have been increasing: in 2002 it bred in Cornwall for the first time in England for 50 years.

The Cornish Coat of Arms, on our sweatshirts, depicts a shield of 15 golden bezants, gold coins, which represents the ransom raised in Cornwall, by the people, hence the motto:- "One and All" It was raised, so the story goes, for the release of the Duke of Cornwall who was captured by the Saracens during the Crusades

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